Our Story

Grey Elephant is about style, tradition and sustainability, three pillars that form the foundation of everything we do. We design and manufacture all of our garments in Spain, using top quality fabrics that bring the European heritage and tradition to every piece. Our hope is that our garments are treated as heirlooms that can be passed on for generations and bring a magic touch to your little one’s everyday adventures. Sustainability is at our core which is why we use long lasting fabrics, and ship in recycled and sustainable packaging and inks.

Why Grey Elephant? Elephants care for their babies longer than any other animal and we look at them as a symbol of the loving relationship between mothers and their children. While elephants aren’t always grey, we chose that color because it represents the subtle gender neutral tones we mainly like to have in our collections, leaving your child the opportunity to grow into whomever they want to be. It's the important connection that’s built between all mothers and their children as they grow up and learn how to navigate the world.

 We like to give back! We donate 1% of all profits to the WFFT Elephant refuge and education center, along with other non-profits that help animals in need. After visiting WFFT, we were truly inspired by the love they put on rescuing and healing mistreated Elephants in Thailand that have been deeply injured and exploited by the tourist industry. They not only rescue Elephants but all kinds of animals that have been unfairly treated, to help them get reinserted into wildlife.